Movin like Bernie Flash mob on Bardstown Rd

Hi Everyone,
The past couple of weeks there has been a crazy facebook event that went huge in Louisville Kentucky. The Movin like Bernie Flash mob on B Town Rd. We decided to head down and check out the crazy-ness. Well lets just say, it was awesome. We want to thank Keith Zoeller , Kyle Kocks, Vincent Moloney, Keith Zoeller. This couldn’t have happened with out you guys. Thanks so much. Be sure to check out the video and as always leave some comments below 🙂
For those of you who have not heard about the internet sensation and sick dance “Movin like bernie”, check out the following video: ch?v=TRBLmogRL4c

It has just begun…
Everyone soon after the music starts runs over and closes down the street.
There were tons of spectators with cameras and phones taping this action!
This picture here speaks a thousand words. This was definitely epic.
There was tons of people!!
The creators/organizers of it all
Even Bernie made it out to party with everyone. He looked exactly like Bernie I swear.
Reppin the Bernie shirt. If you didn’t get one, you missed out.
Dont think this one needs any captions.